Thursday, 30 October 2014

My Trip To Iron Bridge

On Tuesday, me and my family went to one of the best historical sites in the world, Iron Bridge.
If you don't live in the UK, you probably don't know what Iron Bridge is,well... Iron Bridge is a Bridge Made of, yes, iron! It was made in the late 1700's and started the industrial revolution, at the time, this bridge was the only bridge made of cast iron IN THE WORLD!

Now you know that Iron Bridge is, lets get started...

We stayed in a hotel overlooking the bridge called The Tontine.

The Tontine
(You see the two windows on the top right hand
 corner, that was our room)
We stayed for two days, on the first day, we did not do much because we got there at 3pm. But on the second day we did something extra exciting!

On the second day we went to a place called Blists Hill, which is a Victorian Open Air museum. Blists hill is a replica Victorian town with real actors and shops where you can buy gifts, sweets and toys.

My favorite shop in the town was the clothing shop because it was full of bits and bobs to look at plus the clothes were beautifully handmade by the lady at the sewing machine. 

I bought some stuff too! Expect to see a post about that soon...

But there was more than shops to buy stuff in!

There was a big factory where iron was smelted into other things like...metal stuff...

When I was walking back, I saw a beautiful Shire horse called George...

So cute!!  ^o^

...I slept well that night, knowing I had fun and learned so much

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