Sunday, 26 October 2014


As a girl, I love to wear makeup but i can't wear too much for school because of the 'rules' but i'm going to count down my favorite makeup products...

6. Bronzer

Bronzer is good because it gives you a  look sunkissed (which i need because i'm so pale!) i don't use it often, only in the summer

5. Lipgloss

I love my lipgloss because it really perks up your makeup and ,in my opinion, makes you look much happier

4.Baby Lips

Baby Lips has to be my favorite lip product because it tastes good, looks great and is good for your lips, what more could a girl want

3.Eye shadow

I love my eye shadow, my favorite colour has to be the bright blue and the orange, the colours really look good with my blue eyes


I use this felt tip eyeliner everyday to define my eyes, i recommend felt tip eyeliner because it is easy to apply and is easy to use.


To tell you how much I love this product, I use it everyday for school, it lengthens my lashes and it makes them look bolder too

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