Sunday, 26 October 2014

Green Tea

Recently I've fell in love with green tea!

I don't know that it is, but I love it! Maybe it's the pop of taste you get when you drink it, or maybe its the colour and the name, I don't know!!

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make the perfect cup of green tea...


Green Tea xxx
-I green teabag
-A mug of boiling water
-Lemon juice


1. After boiling the water, dip the teabag in the water a few times

2. add a few drops of lemon juice

3. add a teaspoon of honey

How easy is that, and it is delicious too!

Green Tea Leaves


Not until recently have noticed that green tea has many benefits, here are a few...


Research shows that green tea destroys bacteria and viruses that cause throat infections and dental conditions

Blood pressure

Green tea is known to reduce the risk of high blood pressure


It is also known to decrease wrinkles and any sign of aging

I now feel even happier drinking this stuff!  (don't forget to follow)

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