Sunday, 26 October 2014

Why do we wear makeup?

Why girls wear makeup is a question i always ask my self so i'm going to tell you why I think girls wear makeup...

Reason 1. 

Ok, lets admit it, girls wear makeup to impress guys and maybe girls too, but to be honest, in the morning when i put my makeup on, I want to impress myself

Reason 2.

Makeup is an art, it gives us girls a way of expressing our moods and what we like.

Reason 3.

Wearing makeup covers up our imperfections and what we are not proud of, it gives us the chance to be perfect.

Reason 4.

It is a way of being expressive, girls can change their makeup according to how they feel for example: if a girl is happy they would probably wear nice, light colours or if they wear a natural look, it could mean they are not bothered about anything today 

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