Sunday, 2 November 2014

Lemonade Facial scrub

I was on the internet when I found out that you can make a LEMONADE FACIAL SCRUB, and I was like. So here is my tutorial fresh from the internet on how to make LEMONADE FACIAL SCRUB...


1C Brown sugar
2C Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1Tbsp Raw Honey
1/2 Lemon/Lime


Mix ingredients together in a bowl or container, you can add more sugar or olive oil to your liking. Apply to clean skin, rub gently over face, let it sit for 2m then rinse with a warm wash cloth or with warm water. You can do this scrub 2 times weekly.


Brown Sugar: Natural exfoliator, helps remove dead skin cells and reveal new skin.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Adds moisture to the skin and also soften the skin while you exfoliate.
Raw Honey: Natural Anti-bacterial, kills germs that causes acne and helps prevent break outs and it also adds moisture to the skin.
Lemon/Lime: Natural skin lightener, it helps fade dark spots over time with continuous use.

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